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Installation and Care

Installing Tess Tile

We highly recommend using a professional to install your tile. If you are a confident DIYer, below are a couple of pointers to aid in your success.

  • Ensuring that the surface(s) you intend to tile are properly prepared before you start installing tile is essential to the look and longevity of your tile project.
  • One of the beautiful aspects of handmade tile is its variability; this variation does require special attention when installing. We encourage you or the installer to lay the job out before you are ready to install it. This will allow you to see all the variation within your order, and mix lighter and darker areas to your liking. This is especially important if you are creating a pattern with shape or color.


Caring For Your Tile

With everything from cleaning to sealing, it is always recommended that you test the product on a spare piece of tile first, as some cleaners and sealers can change the surface of your tile. Gentle dish soap and water is recommended for regular cleaning. Avoid using any cleaners that contain phosphoric acid and acids such as lemon juice or vinegar. Quickly attend to spills and stains.

Keep a few extra tiles or cut-offs for future testing.


 Sealing Your Tile

Some of our glazes can benefit from a sealer, especially when they are used in high traffic or wet areas.  Again, it is important to first test any sealer on a spare piece of tile, so you approve of any ways the sealer may alter the surface of the tile.


 Grout Thoughts

Choosing the right grout for your job is important. It can have a huge impact on appearance and longevity.When possible, we recommend testing the grout next to your tiles and surrounding surfaces. 


High Contrast vs Neutral grout-

  • Choosing a high contrast grout color will emphasize the individual shapes and patterns and make your tile and grout line pop. If this is chosen, please be aware that install mistakes could be more pronounced, as will variation in the tiles themselves.
  • Choosing a more neutral tone or matching tone will turn your tiled area into a more cohesive field. This will emphasize depth and surface finish.
  • With larger tiles (3”+) we recommend a grout line of  3/16” or greater, and for smaller tiles (2”-) a grout line of 1/8" or greater. Having a wider grout line will help control for variation. 
  • With our custom, more angled shapes like the Boot or the Leaf tile you will most likely not find uniform grout spacers useful. These shapes will have a varying grout line which can create an attractive pattern of its own.  
  •  We recommend using SANDED grout with any grout line 1/8" and greater.


    Feel free to reach out for any additional assistance.